Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Classroom Collection

I am LOVING several changes that I have made in my room for this new year. Check these quick and easy ideas out!

My most favorite idea is Morning Tubs. These are all over Pinterest right now. This is how I am managing mine:

I have a tub on each table. My students can pick from 6 activities that are in the tub for the week. I promise this isn't as messy as it looks! I have 2 rhyming games, cvc word mats, and math activities. The pipe cleaners have a number on them and comes with a bag of beads. The kids count out the right number of beads.

Each of my 4 tables has a tub. That means these tubs will last for.. yep.. 4 WEEKS! That is a month of morning activity AND NO WORKSHEETS! Y'all, it can't get ANY better than that!!

We had a teacher work day on Monday and I got to have a lot of time to prep. I started off with these games. You can grab it for free by clicking HERE. I copied it onto colored card stock, laminated, and then started the process of cutting and bagging. 

Quick Tip: Number the baggies and EVERY piece of the game. Makes the finding the home of 'that piece' later on so, so much easier!!

I also got to prep for Mary Amoson of Sharing Kindergarten's Space unit. Y'all. Seriously! Y'all. GO BUY IT NOW! It is the absolutely best unit I have ever bought. Insanely comprehensive and I love it!

The unit even has crafts. Oh. My. Goodness. Gravy!

So, what are you loving right now?!

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