Friday, February 19, 2016

5 on Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!! It's been an awesome week but man it was crazy!!

We all had a rough time having to end our awesome Winter Break..... but it was a great break and my husband spoiled me and our daughter with the most beautiful flowers!!

We spent this week learning about the Presidents. Since our week was a 3 day week, it was a little bit of a crunch but we had the best time with our activities! We loved reading and drawing about the presidents. This was my favorite activity by far!

They did such a great job!

On the home front, baseball season is about to be in full swing. We have been spending time 1:1 with a coach. This is how I spent Sunday afternoon.... in the warm car with an ice cold Coke while my son learned!

I finally got the Pioneer Woman's newest cookbook... and I have been dying to eat at home more! Football made our schedule crazy and gave us really bad habits of eating out a LOT! Thankfully this week we have done better about eating at home and eating healthier. Loved both of the recipes!

For parent teacher conferences last week, I had assessed all of my students' reading levels. I am so excited to have 70% of my class already ON or ABOVE end of the year reading level already.  #smartbabies #greatreaders #superproud

I even have 2 girls who are reading on a level M... 3rd grade level in Kindergarten!! They started their first chapter book and even have comprehension questions to go with it!

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

100th Day Schenanigans!

We had an awesome day celebrating the 100th day! Check out the fun that we had!

One idea that I've been dying to try for YEARS now are these amazing hats! I prepped them all the day before (big help!) and used leftover border (cleaned out a bit- yay!)

I loved making them with my students and they LOVED wearing them!

I swear, in Kindergarten, 95% of what we do is eat :)

But it's always fun!

We also made fruit loop necklaces, snack mix, counted a TON, and had a fabulous time doing ALL of it!

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