Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's the Chick Life..

This past week has been hands-down the VERY best week in my classroom that I might *possibly* ever have had. And it was all because of 1 little box...

This very magical box made my classroom one of the most engaging places (not just for our class either)! Throughout this week my students have watched the entire life cycle of a chicken and I know that they will NEVER forget the experience.

Since we are so near UGA, I had a friend's husband who works with the poultry division. He brought the incubator and the eggs for us. We had 7 eggs total for our experience. When they came to our room they were already on day 19. They normally start hatching on day 20/21.

They look all wet when they first hatch and have to learn how to walk. They were exhausted once they hatched and would nap, then try to walk, then nap some more. 

After they had fully dried off (around 24 hours later) we put them out into another box and let the kids look, touch, and hold them.

I *think* they thought I was their mama. They would come over and peep at me while I was teaching. 

So, besides life cycles and science, how did I include this in my curriculum? Here are a few ways:

-writing about the life cycle (informational writing)
-writing stories about the chicks (narrative writing)
-compare and contrast to books we had read (reading and connections)
-weighing and measuring the chicks (math)

It was an amazing experience for them but now.. how to top that?

I have an idea....

You know you want to check this out!! 

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