Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Little Red Hen Did What?!

Well, it wasn't actually the little red hen but I did get crazy enough to conquer a H-U-G-E project in my classroom last week. Along with having our chicks, we went all out with reading The Little Red Hen:

^ This is the best version I have found because it has the best repeating phrases and the kids pick it up very quickly. They loved retelling, rereading, comparing, and most of all our BIG project. Check it out:

 They helped me read the ingredients on the recipe and then knead the bread. It was perfect to mix it all up in the zip loc bags. They passed them around the tables to mix everything up.

Then I did the actual knead of the bread and putting it in the pans.

Our cafeteria manager and I had worked our the best day to do it so that they could bake it. Plus she gave us some butter to enjoy with it. The kids L-O-V-E-D the bread!

This was definitely one of the most hands-on things I have ever made in my classroom before!

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