Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's a work in progress!

I went into school for a little bit yesterday to try and get some things done. Man it always seems to take forever! And it ALWAYS seems to get worse before it gets better! But here's a peek at what we got done for now:

This picture makes my heart so stinking happy! My book boxes were not on this book case last year but they fit P.E.R.F.E.C.T.L.Y. on it today. I couldn't believe it!

This will be my small group table for this year. I moved it down from where it was last year. I tried out having 2 meeting areas but I really only used 1 over the other. So to make sure that I can actually use my tiny white board this year, I put my table in front of it and will use it during small groups.

I tucked my computer back behind my easel so I can use it when I need it but otherwise it's out of the way. I love my old-school wooden chairs :) I am going to look for a small rug to put on the floor for my students to read on with their book boxes. This is normally one of my literacy centers and it will have it's very own spot this year :)

Near my sink I am going to put a table for small groups. This table was my writing table last year but it really wasn't put to the best use. I'm hoping this will be better this year!

One project I wanted to get done during post planning was to reorganize and label my math manipulatives. I did and it looks fabulous! Of course... it's underneath the red paper at the moment. Look for them during my classroom reveal later in July!

Have you worked in your classroom at all yet?

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