Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Top 5 Ways to Be Ready for B2S

While it's only the middle of June, so many of us are already looking towards B2S. We all know that the back to school sales are right around the corner... pretty much as soon as July 4th is over the supplies are out and ready to go. But with over a month before we go back there are a few things that I'm doing to get ready before the rush.

#1- Plan what you can!

I have already purchased my planner for next year already and plugged in the dates that are available on my county's website for next year's calendar. I know there will be tons more to add but with my kid's sports, school, homework, gymnastics, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, and grad school... I need to fill it in as much as I can. Here's what mine looks like as of right now:

I love using the stickers and pretty pens. I might not always take time to do all of that all the time BUT during the summer I do :) !

#2- Start a wish list!

I have my wish list going on Amazon at the moment of the things that I want for my classroom you can add things to your cart or create a wish list that you can share with your parents at Open House.

#3- Set up your Bloomz!

This past year I used Bloomz to keep in touch with parents. It's an amazing resource! I scheduled parent-teacher conferences (parents were able to edit the appointments them selves), put up volunteer opportunities (class parties, craft activities, etc.), and shared pictures of daily activities SAFELY with only the parents. Plus you are in control of who has access to the group. It's super safe, free, and amazing!

#4- Set up your newsletter template!

This is one of those things that I always forget about until I need it THAT day! So this summer, I went ahead and made my template so it's all ready to use for the first time. We send home folders on Tuesdays so all I will have to do is enter in my information and send it out. That's a lot better than playing with my clipart for awhile and then entering all my information. Remember, work smarter- not harder!

#5- Make copies of whatever you can!

I get that the last thing you might want to do is go to school. I actually did this the last day of post planning. I went ahead and pulled out my files from Open House and Back To School. I did the basics  because I knew I needed to refine my classroom handbook and a few other things. But I did print out my information sheet for parents to fill out, Miss. Kindergarten coloring sheet, 'Twas the night before Kindergarten writing page, etc. If you go in during the summer- no lines. It's definitely something to consider. OR if you aren't able to copy, at least pull the folders and make a stack of the originals you want to copy. If you have that done and go first thing during pre-planning, the lines might be shorter!


I know I said 5. But... I couldn't help myself. One of the things I do every year is to make a Pinterest board for the next school year. I pin items all summer long anyways so when I stumble across an item that says, "You must do this next year!" I add it to the board. Check out what I have so far:

The BEST advice I have ever received about Pinterest is to actually PRINT your idea board. So at the beginning of school, I'll print the board and put it into my planner. Once I have done an idea, I will cross it off the print out. But it helps to have the ideas right there at my finger tips.

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