Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Easy Prep to Save Headaches in the New Year

One of the things I have struggled with each year of my 9 years of teaching: name plates.

I have tried lots of different options:

name plates as they come
hot gluing them down
taping them down
using adhesive pockets
self adhesive name plates
laminating them and then taping them down
laminating them and then hot gluing them down
no name plates
writing names on the table/desk with sharpie
names on the chairs and not the table

So far, this is the VERY best way I have found. Now, I know that not everybody is the same... but sometimes it helps to go with a tried and proved method. Here's what I had last year:

I laminated them at school and then put them on... HOW I put them on is a BIG TIP! But first let me show you what I'm changing this year.

My name plates lasted until almost mid-May by laminating them at school. So, this year I decided to switch it up and laminate them at home.

If you don't have a laminator at home, I highly suggest it! This is only $30 and has saved me so much time over the past few years! The laminating pouches make everything nice and thick so they are very sturdy and hold up really well! The only things I have laminated at school now are larger posters.

Once I have them laminated and cut out, I will use my secret weapon. Ready to find out what it is? Voila!

Yes! Velcro dots! These are the best things E-V-E-R!


Well, what you do is place the same velcro dot on the back of your name tags like so....

And then on your tables you place the other side. This is the magic because we all know that we will have to move our kids seats eventually during the year. This way all the name plates will be able to be moved to all spots and will line up with the velcro dots there!

Here's how I make sure to get each of the dots perfectly aligned:

I put the other side of the velcro on before flipping it over and sticking it to the table.

I promise, if you try this- you will be thanking me!!

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  1. Sounds like a great idea - I'm going to try this! I laminated them and used the self-adhesive magnetic tape last year - same idea, different material. It worked well, but I like this idea better. Question: a couple of kids picked the magnetic tape off the desk (nervous habit?), and I can see them doing that with the Velcro dots. How do you handle this? Thanks for the idea.

    1. I actually found that the kids who tend to pick at things love the velcro! It's the sensory aspect of it I guess. They would un-velcro their name tag and then rub their fingers across the rough side. Then they'd stick it back. :)