Saturday, July 23, 2016

Number Sense and Rekenrek Clarification

One of the most important concepts that we can teach in Kindergarten is Number Sense. It is a very, very important building block for children's math skills int he future. Because of this I built a class set of rekenreks last year:

I have also seen them created with just card stock or poster board.

This was an idea that I found on Pinterest from Kathy Griffin:

I've been asked the drill bit I used and the measurements. So, as an update I took some pictures! (I'm a total visual learner!) The drill bit that I used was 1/4" drill bit to create the hole. Here's the picture help:

They are about a thumb width apart... don't worry- an actual ruler measurement is in the next picture ;)

They are about a centimeter apart.

And about 16 centimeters apart..

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