Friday, July 29, 2016

Open House Goodies

Trying to stay organized and ahead of the game is not always possible. However, I managed to get everything packed up and what not at the end of the school year with time to spare. SO I started to work on Open House copies.

I always love seeing what everyone else gives to parents on Open House. Here's what I'm going to be passing on to parents (with links) and most of these were freebies I found!

These first two are my classroom hand book and a common core math vocab sheet for parents.

The reading at home suggestions is actually 2 sided and I love them! They have simple but very effective suggestions. Here are side 1 and side 2.

The information sheet I grabbed on the fly last year when I could not find my file! I love this one better than the one I made though! 

This is my student's first homework assignment (See below for a better picture) and the parents' invitation to join Bloomz. I did almost ALL of my communication through Bloomz last year and I absolutely adore it! They have these sheets on there to print off ready to go with your specific code and instructions. Perfect!

Most of my students have access to some type of tablet or ipad. This is the best list that I have found to help guide parents. 

Here is my student's first homework assignment. I hand it out on Open House (Thursday) and ask for them to start coming back the next Monday. It's meant for parents and child to do together about the child's favorite things, people, food, etc. They get to share it during class and we all learn about each other.

It's simply the letter to parents and the letter I that I cut out from construction paper. 

What do you put in your packets to parents?

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