Thursday, October 20, 2016

Community Helpers and the Election

As teachers, many of us would like to tie in the election to teach current events to our students. However you feel politically, this election is different than most and makes it a tad bit harder to show debates and what not to our students. Especially in Kindergarten, we just keep it simple.

-We elect a President every 4 years.
-Their job is to help keep our country safe and pass laws.
-They are part of the United States community.... therefore a community helper.

This week we have focused on community helpers. I used this book to talk to the students about what the President actually does and be able to show them some great visuals of presidents and the White House!

Afterwards, I gave the students a writing prompt to see what they would do if they were President of the United States. At this point of Kindergarten (barely at the end of the 1st 9 weeks), I wanted to see a couple of things:
-what their writing would be like on their own
-if they understood about this particular community helper

They writing turned out great! Whether my students are in the writing phase or in the drawing-to-tell-a-story phase, they were great pieces!

(If I was President, I would make laws.)

I love this one /\ ! I would talk!

If I would be a president. I will give flags to people. So many flags.

I even had a hard time deciphering this one /\ but I love that little picture! Look at how they are shaking hands and walking towards each other. 

The best part about this activity is that it was self scaffold - they wrote on their level. Plus it wasn't complicated to put together or plan. We are using several of my other activities this week as well. Check it out:

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