Saturday, November 19, 2016

5 Ways to Make Your Teacher Life Easier in December

We all know that the month of December can get crazy when it comes to teaching and scheduling. There are TONS of fun holiday events going on at school and we all love to plan more for in our classroom. So here's some ways that I like to make it easier on myself. I hope it helps you too!

The #1 best thing that I have done is made month buckets. Each month has it's own tub or bucket that I use to sort out all the papers and activities that I use. That way when I buy things, make things, or have larger pieces for activities in a particular month... I can put it right in the tub and have it all ready for the next year. I started planning out for December before Thanksgiving break. All I had to do was pull down my tub and go through it.

#2-  Save 1 copy of each activity that you found effective or useful to your students. Then the next year, you can take all of those copies, run them all at the same time, and have the entire month worth of copies done! I already have a stack of copies ready to file for the week and don't have to spend as long planning.

#3- Go ahead and plan! I have all of my dates and what not planned out and written down in my planner. This way I can let the parents know and have less last-minute emails too!

#4- Create a Pinterest board! I have the month of December's crafts already figured out with the help of my Pinterest board. I'm super excited about all that I have found! Click the picture to add to your ideas too!

#5- Since I know what my crafts are for the month, I went ahead and made a list of what all I will need. Being able to go shopping over Thanksgiving break makes it so much less hectic during December. Now, I will still have a last minute run to the store.. but it won't happen every week!

Just remember, December is a magical time of the year for our Kinderbabies. If it stresses you out, it won't be as fun and that's what this time of the year should be- fun!

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