Monday, December 11, 2017

Oh 'deer'!!

Christmas and all that pertains to it has slowly been creeping up on me this past week or so. I have had a TON of extra stuff going on and have struggled to come up with a cute door for my classroom. Everyone on our hallway decorates their doors, especially for the holiday season. Our hall decided to do a reindeer theme this year so we all matched.

Carson Dellosa sent us some adorable new border and accents that I decided to use. You can grab them here and here (not affiliate links).

How cute right? My kids totally got the play on words too! The border from CD helped make the most festive (and adorable) stable door for my tiny reindeer.

On another note... our elf at home has been quite adventurous. What has your elf been up to lately?

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Merry Christmas to Me!

I have some of the very best blogger friends out there! One of those amazing friends (Jennifer from Simply Kinder) sent me this amazing Christmas present!! You are going to want to buy one of these for your very own present-- I promise!

This adorable crayon sharpener is amazing! I have heard about them before but have never actually seen one in action. I can honestly not believe how well it sharpens!!!

Look at these pictures for proof! The before and after prove it all!

How awesome is this?! Now, my firsties are lined up wanting their crayons sharpened this morning... it's definitely the *thing* to do in our room this week!

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sticker Writing with Turkeys

Carson Dellosa sent some adorable stickers that I shared about yesterday. They were PERFECT for sticker writing with my firsties!

How cure are these? Am I right?!

My class loved being able to create their picture and their story using the glittery turkeys :) These were some of my favorites:

"I saw a turkey in the field."

"Once upon a time there was a turkey that lived in a barn. Turkey had a great time."

"The chicken is stuck in the woods and it can not get our of the woods."

I 'm not sure how they came up with chicken with the number of times that I said the word turkey this morning.... but ya know, it is what it is!

"The wild turkey is very wild. He is chasing a man."

This had be literally laughing out loud!

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fall Goodies Galore!

Carson Dellosa has been sending out their ambassadors some amazing new items and my kids are loving them!! (I am an ambassador and am talking about these awesome items but I haven't been paid--promise!)

November's items were perfect and absolutely timely. Check out these goodies!

We were sent an Instant Assessment book for 1st grade, an adorable turkey notepad, and the cutest holographic turkey stickers. (They don't photograph very well but are too cute!)

The instant assessment book was the perfect just-in-time and easy-to-use item. We have been learning all about digraphs for the past few weeks and I was able to learn

These were sent back in September and I've been holding onto them for my fall door. It is precious! I'll be posting a picture of the door tomorrow :)

Carson Dellosa also has these awesome new ready-to-go guided reading books. You literally pull them out, fold in half, and you are ready! They are leveled by grade level but then broken down by Lexile level too. The book we were sent works specifically on how to infer.

How great are these for a colorful guided reading book?!

Definitely click around and check out these amazing goodies to kick your teaching up a notch!

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

1 Small Change and 1 Huge Transformation

I'm excited to show you some more great pictures of my classroom. As I've said before, I moved from Kindergarten to First grade this year.... which means a new room. I was super excited that Carson Dellosa had sent this amazing pack of goodies at the end of the school year:

I have used it to create some of my favorite bulletin boards ever. These are super eye-appealing and functional as well. Check out this beautiful-ness:

Please just ignore the LARGE and IN CHARGE A/C unit... ugh

I have other little touches here and there from the Aim High line that Carson Dellosa released.

But my favorite part of my room? Is my desk this year!!!!

This was a shot from my 'set-up' phase this summer... But seriously, I love this! And I have SOOOO much stuff under it that I didn't have a spot to store anywhere else in my room. I will be sharing a video tour of my room in the coming week where you can see it all!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

Oh wow! Let's see a show of hands if you watched the solar eclipse yesterday! Oh man, was it awesome or what?!

I actually took the day off to go see it in the totality zone. Yes, I made sure my students were in the very best hands possible. Here are some awesome pictures from where we were at:

I loved the display at the Walmart we were at. Can you see the 'solar eclipse' in the boxes? They even made a solar eclipse in the corner!!

This was our setup for the day. It was perfect and we were surrounded by the nicest people!

My kids loved checking it out all day :)

Back at school I left lots of fun activities. One of them was to have the kids draw and write about the solar eclipse after they went outside. My students love drawing and writing so it was definitely a hit. How adorable are these pictures?!

(This was definitely my favorite representation of the eclipse!)

What did you do with your kids yesterday?

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Monday, July 10, 2017

New Room Sneak Peek!

I have been in my room only a few times this summer. Mostly I've been cleaning out and reorganizing what was left. Today I finally started putting away my own things.. and I think I'll be cleaning out more of that too! It's crazy how much I have accumulated over the last 10 years!

I'm really excited about my new theme for this year. If you follow me on Facebook you already got the sneak peek before anyone else. Follow me here to keep up to date!

As a Carson-Dellosa ambassador I get to try out some of their goodies early and goodness I am in L-O-V-E with their new line! Check out these amazing goodies:

Click the picture and it takes you straight to this gorgeous collection on their site. The collection is called Aim High.. it's perfect for the Growth Mindset philosophy.

The only thing I didn't have was the border. My new classroom has a HUGE bulletin board so I swung by the local School Box and grabbed two packs..... and a few other essentials that I can't wait to show you. But seriously, check out this border:

How beautiful is that?! It's a coral red, mint, gold, black, and white. I am going to have SO much fun decorating with these beautiful colors! Have you picked your theme for this year yet?

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Need Motivation?

Somehow we are halfway through summer... I'm not quite sure how that happened. Seriously!

I've wound down with my Specialist program this summer and am excited about several of the things that I've been working on and can't wait to show you!

One thing I have been working on that I can show you now is this cute shirt for our Fitness for Teachers group! Come join us and get a jump on your fitness goals! We are a strictly no advertising group- motivation, advice, and questions answered by other teachers.

Click the picture to grab your own :)

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

It's Finally Here!!

Oh my goodness... sometimes y'all I think May is the longest month in the entire year. It just seems to stretch out and the to-do list gets longer and longer. Thankfully we have finally reached summer vacation.

**For my teacher friends who haven't yet, hang in there!! **

I'm excited with all the adventures that we have planned for our kids this summer. Camps, new experiences, and lots of memories to be made!

On top of that we already kicked off the fun...

A little shopping at Barnes and Noble had me eyeing some of the cutest little stuffed creatures!

I'm working hard at losing weight that I've put on. It's so darn hard to get it off once it's on! But I'm going to work at it day by day. Here's hoping my clothes fit a little looser by August. 

(Btw... I have no idea where Country Club Estates is at... but apparently my app thinks I live near it)

If you need any motivation this summer, come check out my Fitness for Teachers facebook page for motivation! It's a completely no-advertising kind of place.

What are you doing this summer? Leave a comment below and let's catch up!

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Goodies!

About a year ago, I was excited to become an ambassador with Carson Dellosa. They have such amazing things for teachers! I feel honored to be able to get to try things out as a real teacher and give feedback. Usually my teammates like to try things out too ;)

This last time they sent me this amazing Instant Assessment book that is perfect for all grade levels. They have it broken down by grade levels so it's perfect to have on hand. I've used several of the assessments for letter recognition and beginning sounds. They have been super informative!

(Click the picture to check it out on their site.)

They also sent me this adorable bulletin board set:

(Click the picture to check it out on their site.)

This set is adorable and I plan to put it up in the fall. I have to be honest... I didn't know that the Growth Mindset was a thing. I am apparently behind the times on it. Thank you Carson Dellosa for helping me learn something new! I have since looked it up on Pinterest and have been reading up on it quite a bit. This will definitely be going up in my classroom in the fall. 

I can't wait to see what I get to review next for you all!

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Favorite Chrome App EVER!

Backstory: 4 years ago I left my district near Metro-Atlanta and started teaching closer to my home. I love the school and the community. It was definitely the best move ever for me and my family!

The only teeny tiny downside was that ALL of my files were on Dropbox which is completely and totally blocked at my new district. My new district is a Google Education county. I've loved using Google Drive but I haven't figured out how to move my files. So, instead, I've slowly moved some things over during the past few years usually emailing them to myself or putting on a jump drive... very tedious.

In order to find a solution to my problem, I did what anyone else in my position would do: turned to Google!

I was so, so happy to find that someone else out there has felt the need to create a way to transfer lots of files at one time. Enter:

Through my Chrome tools, I went to the Web Store and searched for the app, set it up in about 10 minutes, and voila! Everything has transferred. So stinking happy!!!

I seriously have tons of files that add up to a LOT of memory and it has transferred it all. You can link different accounts, have them sync one way or both, and even transfer or backup files. My main focus was simply to have my Drop Box files moved to my Google Drive. (Changing grade levels for next year.. but more on that later! Suffice it to say, I need those files NOW!) Cloud HG will also link Evernote, Gmail, Calendars, and Share Point. Plus if you are a business, it can handle all the memory usuage that you can throw at it. It's brilliant!!

This is definitely on the top of my favorite Chrome app list!!

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It's not over yet....

Teacher appreciation isn't over just yet! TPT is continuing the fun with a sale tomorrow and Wednesday. Click on over to start filling up your cart!

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