Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What I Want to Wear Wednesday

We all love Pinterest for it's gathering of many amazing ideas, right? Well, I have an addiction with Pinterest.... I keep adding more boards! Seriously, I have over 100 boards. I have broken it down by holidays, seasons, things for home, things for school, etc. I can only imagine that they work a little like my brain does: scattered!

One of my favorite boards though is my Teacher's Clothes board. I started this a few months ago because I needed a place to put just work attire ideas. I am loving what I've been seeing out on Pinterest lately so I'm also excited to bring back:

Each week I will show you my favorites so you can find some new inspiration too! As teachers, our budgets are huge for clothes so finding new ways to wear things is the best. Plus I am by no means a fashion diva.. but I can spot a cute outfit idea on Pinterest for sure!

Here are my top 5 inspirations for this week! Click any to be taken to the original post on Pinterest to save the idea to your own Pinterest board!

This is my favorite this week because I love this top and the pointed toe flats.

Love this look and it's one that I have come close to replicating in my own wardrobe! If you click through to the actual post, it's a teacher blog that shows ONLY clothes. Love it!

I have an obsession with sweaters over button-ups. No lie. I am a prep at heart! But seriously, how is this not cute? Trade out the jeans for navy blue or khaki pants and it's totally work appropriate!

I have a secret... I want to wear more skirts! They are cute! But I'm working on losing a little bit of weight so that they look cute on me too ;) I love this match up and am totally looking for a good deal on a pair of leopard flats. I've seen them with SO many outfits this past month!

Look closely... these are.not.jeans. I repeat-not.jeans. In my world, at my school, these are called trousers. They look like denim but they are not. The definite of jeans means that they must have those cute little metal rivets. No rivets here ;) Plus those flats? I have rounded ones with my Tieks and I have a similar sweater. Comfy. Classy. Cozy. Teacher perfect!

Leave a link in the comments to share your favorite new outfit! I'd love to see and add it to next week's blog post!

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