Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Real Leprechaun Gold!

Lately I've seen the image floating around of the Wilton gold spray that is edible. Have you seen it? It looks a little like this:

It's an image that pops up on Facebook and on Pinterest... BUT I have yet to see anyone do it or hear feedback. So I am here to try it out for you! 

I bought one can and a container of Oreos. I plan on my Leprechaun bringing enough for my class to have 1 each as a treat. Our little green man leaves treats outside his door. You can see more about the door I use over at Simply Kinder.

To make my Oreos, I laid out a sheet of wax paper and laid my Oreos out in one layer. This way I could spray one side and then the other side.

After covering one side in the spray, I let them dry and flipped them over and sprayed the other side. I did notice that the spray dried faster on food than on the wax paper so I moved them to a new sheet of wax paper for the coat on the other side.

Super simple and sweet!
 Plus, how fun would this be to make pirate treasure! I'm thinking next year that I need to make pirate treasure for my addition unit when I use Harry Kindergarten's Add (or Subtract) Like A Pirate video.

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