Monday, May 1, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week: Ideas and giveaway

Welcome to May! Can you believe how fast this year has been going? It's already May and we are counting down to the end of the year.... 16 days left! We are in full swing with our Alphabet countdown and loving every day of it!

With May, most schools celebrate Teacher Appreciation day. I have scoured the internet looking for ideas that are cute, fun, and not super expensive. Between my 2 kiddos, I have 6 teachers to do gifts for and I love doing little gifts each day of the week.

I could show it earlier because several of their teachers read my blog :)

Here's what I got for the first day:

I found the cute little tags at Michael's last year. But the adorable circle was a free printable from another page. Click the picture to grab your own!

The end result is adorable, easy, and definitely appreciated by the teachers!

You can check out my Pinterest page for more awesome ideas! 
Also, in the spirit of Teacher Appreciation, I want to show my appreciation to you! I know many of us have hit that 'what am I teaching next year' time of the year. So, I would love to send out some great new resources to people. Enter below and I will pick a winner and announce on Saturday morning!

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