Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

Oh wow! Let's see a show of hands if you watched the solar eclipse yesterday! Oh man, was it awesome or what?!

I actually took the day off to go see it in the totality zone. Yes, I made sure my students were in the very best hands possible. Here are some awesome pictures from where we were at:

I loved the display at the Walmart we were at. Can you see the 'solar eclipse' in the boxes? They even made a solar eclipse in the corner!!

This was our setup for the day. It was perfect and we were surrounded by the nicest people!

My kids loved checking it out all day :)

Back at school I left lots of fun activities. One of them was to have the kids draw and write about the solar eclipse after they went outside. My students love drawing and writing so it was definitely a hit. How adorable are these pictures?!

(This was definitely my favorite representation of the eclipse!)

What did you do with your kids yesterday?

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