Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sticker Writing with Turkeys

Carson Dellosa sent some adorable stickers that I shared about yesterday. They were PERFECT for sticker writing with my firsties!

How cure are these? Am I right?!

My class loved being able to create their picture and their story using the glittery turkeys :) These were some of my favorites:

"I saw a turkey in the field."

"Once upon a time there was a turkey that lived in a barn. Turkey had a great time."

"The chicken is stuck in the woods and it can not get our of the woods."

I 'm not sure how they came up with chicken with the number of times that I said the word turkey this morning.... but ya know, it is what it is!

"The wild turkey is very wild. He is chasing a man."

This had be literally laughing out loud!

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fall Goodies Galore!

Carson Dellosa has been sending out their ambassadors some amazing new items and my kids are loving them!! (I am an ambassador and am talking about these awesome items but I haven't been paid--promise!)

November's items were perfect and absolutely timely. Check out these goodies!

We were sent an Instant Assessment book for 1st grade, an adorable turkey notepad, and the cutest holographic turkey stickers. (They don't photograph very well but are too cute!)

The instant assessment book was the perfect just-in-time and easy-to-use item. We have been learning all about digraphs for the past few weeks and I was able to learn

These were sent back in September and I've been holding onto them for my fall door. It is precious! I'll be posting a picture of the door tomorrow :)

Carson Dellosa also has these awesome new ready-to-go guided reading books. You literally pull them out, fold in half, and you are ready! They are leveled by grade level but then broken down by Lexile level too. The book we were sent works specifically on how to infer.

How great are these for a colorful guided reading book?!

Definitely click around and check out these amazing goodies to kick your teaching up a notch!

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