Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Don't Blink!

Seriously though, don't blink! Time has gone by SO stinking fast! Here's a recap since May...

I started my doctorate program... which explains why I haven't been on since May! HA!

I am VERY excited about working on my doctorate and have learned SO much already. Doesn't it look fun???? Seriously though, my cohort is amazing and the professors are incredible!

But, that's not the only change going on over here. I also have a brand new position! I am not a classroom teacher this year, I am actually working as a support teacher (EIP in Georgia).

It's been SO interesting so far this year. I push-in in 5th and 4th-grade writing/reading. Plus I pull-out a group of 1st graders.

My 1st graders have been a lot of fun to read to this year. I have found several ah-mazingly great new books. A few have been at the recommendation of some of my awesome co-workers. I absolutely love to pass on great new books that are wonderful as mentor texts!

My kiddos loved reading 'Sylvie' and only one kiddo new 'A Bad Case of Stripes'. They loved hearing them both last week. I used both to practice predicting. The kiddos did an awesome job of making a prediction based on clues from the text.

We compared the two books using a "snowman" chart. Since they are firsties, they were familiar with a Venn diagram. But... since I was using the sticky post-it charts, I couldn't turn the paper. They thought it was great to have a 'snowman' chart. Too funny!

We absolutely loved drawing our flamingo for the week too. My small group definitely struggles with following directions sooooo we will be doing a lot of these activities.

And this is just a "squeal" moment for me! I love, love, love my Tieks! And now Starbucks has a coffee mug to match the blue soles perfectly!!!

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