Monday, May 13, 2019

5 Quick Tips to Staying Organized as a Teacher

We all have a goal to be more organized.... one day... somewhere.... over the rainbow maybe? I hope that my quick 5 easy suggestions will help you get there faster!

I know that everyone has there own way of organizing and cleaning up their rooms. These are a couple of the ways that help me stay sane and not too overwhelmed.

Filing Cabinets- They may not be pretty but man do they keep my 'stuff'. I have one for my past grade levels and one for my current grade level. My current grade level filing cabinet is separated out by 1.) Organization 2.) Social Studies 3.) Science and 4.) Student notes

Monthly Boxes- These are awesome for Primary grades! I had each month seperated out all the months for themes. Upper grades, definitely could use this for themes or concepts!

Every day of the week- What better way to organize all of my copies and materials? If you plan ahead for the week and make your copies. Instead of putting them into a pile, go ahead and sort them out by day. You won't have to search for anything again!

Under my desk, I have all of my supplies for quick access. Pens, markers, and pencils in the top. Post-its, cards, index cards, stickers, and, stamps in the second. Miscellaneous (but always seem to need) in the bottom drawer. No wasting time searching my cabinets!

And of course my actual desk. I have an L shaped desk. This is on the side. I have my plans, printer, important to do's, and my hanging files (to copy, to grade, to file). The stack of papers is my materials I pulled out of the Day of the Week tower.

It always takes a good year of teaching to get down a system (in my opinion). Hopefully you can see how to take 'Pinterest' inspired ideas to create an actual working system!

Jennifer is a veteran teacher who has experienced the joys of Third grade, Kindergarten, and (currently) Fifth grade. She teaches and lives near Athens, GA. As a parent, teacher, blogger, author, and TPTer, she juggles many hats while striving to do her best for all!

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