Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tieks: An Honest Review

So, if you have been in the education blogging world for any length of time. You might have seen these adorable ballet flats around. Tieks have been around for years and are definitely not just a flash in the pan by any means!

I have been a fan for many years! I love the simplistic and classic design of Tieks along with the amazing comfort and support of them. It doesn't hurt that I've been a huge Audrey Hepburn fan since I was about 8. In my opinion, she is about as classy as someone can get.

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My husband buys my Tieks as BIG presents: Mother's Day, birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries. My first pair was gifted to me almost 6 years ago. The amazing thing is that I wear them multiple times a week and they still look amazing!

I also have a pair of the mint patents. It's taken a while for me to like my mints. The patents are ... well, patent so they don't mold to your feet as quickly as the classics. The classics are my favorites because the come out of the box as soft as butter. The soles are like cushions and amazing for standing all day long.

My mustards are actually what I wore (brand new out of the box) for standardized testing last week and the week before. I totally wish that Tieks would have teacher sponsors because I would definitely sign-up ASAP. But, since they don't, please know that this is my total honest opinion!

If you are on the fence, I would suggest ordering a pair to try them on. It is a down side that they are on-line only. However, their customer service is amazing! Like, Chick-Fil-A amazing! I know many people that order two different sizes if they are in between sizes. Then they simply send back the pair that doesn't fit like they want. I don't know any other shoes that will let you do that without a ton of hassle!

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