Monday, May 27, 2019

Summer Brain Dump

Life. is. crazy.

I think we can pretty much all agree on that. While I'm super excited that it's finally summer, it has hit me in the past 24 hours how nonstop life has been since last summer. Which is why, to update y'all I'm kind of doing a brain dump of events to catch everyone up :)

Summer 2018
- I started my EDD in Curriculum and Instruction!!
   ..... seriously though that was a LOT for a summer....

School Year 2019
- Moved out of having a homeroom classroom into being an EIP teacher
- Continued with EDD
- Continued as a site director for my school's federal grant-funded after-school program
- Worked with a local RESA to evaluate local schools on their Curriculum and Instruction
- Brought home 2 new kitties... and then 1 more lol
- Went on an awesome girl's trip to Nashville!!!

Summer 2019
- Starting my Educational Leadership Program
- Continuing EDD
- Coping with my son being done with elementary school and going to MIDDLE school!!!

300 Motivational and Inspirational Quotes 116

While I love taking the summer to reflect and evaluate a school year, I love being able to plan moving forward as well. I'm excited to have come so far in my current plan for my career. At the same time, I'm excited to be within a year of starting my dissertation and having my leadership degree.

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My family is happy and healthy-- and this always comes first above all else.

My walk in my faith is growing as well. (If you haven't seen the Teachers in the Word bible study for this summer yet--- come join in!!)

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Fitness for Teachers: Summer Fit Calendar

Hey everyone! Our Facebook group for Fitness for Teachers has exploded lately with amazingness! To help keep the fun and motivation rolling, we decided to create a *teacher centered* fitness calendar for summer. I just posted June for free in my TPT store. Go grab it so you can join in!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tieks: An Honest Review

So, if you have been in the education blogging world for any length of time. You might have seen these adorable ballet flats around. Tieks have been around for years and are definitely not just a flash in the pan by any means!

I have been a fan for many years! I love the simplistic and classic design of Tieks along with the amazing comfort and support of them. It doesn't hurt that I've been a huge Audrey Hepburn fan since I was about 8. In my opinion, she is about as classy as someone can get.

Image result for audrey hepburn

My husband buys my Tieks as BIG presents: Mother's Day, birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries. My first pair was gifted to me almost 6 years ago. The amazing thing is that I wear them multiple times a week and they still look amazing!

I also have a pair of the mint patents. It's taken a while for me to like my mints. The patents are ... well, patent so they don't mold to your feet as quickly as the classics. The classics are my favorites because the come out of the box as soft as butter. The soles are like cushions and amazing for standing all day long.

My mustards are actually what I wore (brand new out of the box) for standardized testing last week and the week before. I totally wish that Tieks would have teacher sponsors because I would definitely sign-up ASAP. But, since they don't, please know that this is my total honest opinion!

If you are on the fence, I would suggest ordering a pair to try them on. It is a down side that they are on-line only. However, their customer service is amazing! Like, Chick-Fil-A amazing! I know many people that order two different sizes if they are in between sizes. Then they simply send back the pair that doesn't fit like they want. I don't know any other shoes that will let you do that without a ton of hassle!

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Monday, May 13, 2019

5 Quick Tips to Staying Organized as a Teacher

We all have a goal to be more organized.... one day... somewhere.... over the rainbow maybe? I hope that my quick 5 easy suggestions will help you get there faster!

I know that everyone has there own way of organizing and cleaning up their rooms. These are a couple of the ways that help me stay sane and not too overwhelmed.

Filing Cabinets- They may not be pretty but man do they keep my 'stuff'. I have one for my past grade levels and one for my current grade level. My current grade level filing cabinet is separated out by 1.) Organization 2.) Social Studies 3.) Science and 4.) Student notes

Monthly Boxes- These are awesome for Primary grades! I had each month seperated out all the months for themes. Upper grades, definitely could use this for themes or concepts!

Every day of the week- What better way to organize all of my copies and materials? If you plan ahead for the week and make your copies. Instead of putting them into a pile, go ahead and sort them out by day. You won't have to search for anything again!

Under my desk, I have all of my supplies for quick access. Pens, markers, and pencils in the top. Post-its, cards, index cards, stickers, and, stamps in the second. Miscellaneous (but always seem to need) in the bottom drawer. No wasting time searching my cabinets!

And of course my actual desk. I have an L shaped desk. This is on the side. I have my plans, printer, important to do's, and my hanging files (to copy, to grade, to file). The stack of papers is my materials I pulled out of the Day of the Week tower.

It always takes a good year of teaching to get down a system (in my opinion). Hopefully you can see how to take 'Pinterest' inspired ideas to create an actual working system!

Jennifer is a veteran teacher who has experienced the joys of Third grade, Kindergarten, and (currently) Fifth grade. She teaches and lives near Athens, GA. As a parent, teacher, blogger, author, and TPTer, she juggles many hats while striving to do her best for all!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Don't Blink!

Seriously though, don't blink! Time has gone by SO stinking fast! Here's a recap since May...

I started my doctorate program... which explains why I haven't been on since May! HA!

I am VERY excited about working on my doctorate and have learned SO much already. Doesn't it look fun???? Seriously though, my cohort is amazing and the professors are incredible!

But, that's not the only change going on over here. I also have a brand new position! I am not a classroom teacher this year, I am actually working as a support teacher (EIP in Georgia).

It's been SO interesting so far this year. I push-in in 5th and 4th-grade writing/reading. Plus I pull-out a group of 1st graders.

My 1st graders have been a lot of fun to read to this year. I have found several ah-mazingly great new books. A few have been at the recommendation of some of my awesome co-workers. I absolutely love to pass on great new books that are wonderful as mentor texts!

My kiddos loved reading 'Sylvie' and only one kiddo new 'A Bad Case of Stripes'. They loved hearing them both last week. I used both to practice predicting. The kiddos did an awesome job of making a prediction based on clues from the text.

We compared the two books using a "snowman" chart. Since they are firsties, they were familiar with a Venn diagram. But... since I was using the sticky post-it charts, I couldn't turn the paper. They thought it was great to have a 'snowman' chart. Too funny!

We absolutely loved drawing our flamingo for the week too. My small group definitely struggles with following directions sooooo we will be doing a lot of these activities.

And this is just a "squeal" moment for me! I love, love, love my Tieks! And now Starbucks has a coffee mug to match the blue soles perfectly!!!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What I Want to Wear Wednesday

Summer days gives me more time to shop dream about filling my closet! I like to try and pair up clothes I already have and get new looks. So.... where else do I turn except to Pinterest?!

Here are some of my newest and favorite pins:

I actually have all of these pieces except the cardigan. I'm keeping my eyes on Target's weekly ads for when their basic cardigans go on sale so I can get some bright colored ones.

I need to find a cute khaki skirt like the one in this outfit. I like the really classic patterns that are mixed up together in this.

So... since I've lost some weight (in my tummy area thankfully) I have really been wanting a denim or chambray shirt dress. I'm determined to buy one for next school year! This one is adorable with the skinny belt. Love it!

Teacher Outfits on a TeacherĂ¢€™s Budget 120

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

4 Easy Tips on How to Lose Weight as a Teacher...

As many schools do, our school hosted a Biggest Loser Competition this year. I was one of about 20 teachers that joined in and worked hard to lose weight.

While I wasn't THE overall winner, I still say that I was a winner in the end because I lost weight. Between December 29 and April 1st, I went from 180 some odd lbs to  157 lbs. I was SO excited! But... many people have asked me 'How?'

As teachers, that equates to a TON of questions really... How do you lose weight with all the constant snacks? How do you lose weight and make it without sodas? What did you do? What did you eat?

I thought, now with summer being here and having time to sit and write, I'd share my answer to 'How'.

#1- Motivation!

Food Diary / Planner Track Slimming World Syns and Weekly Exercise | eBay

I have an entire Pinterest board full of motivating sayings, funny memes, and different exercise routines that help me keep going. I also have my Fitness for Teachers page on Facebook to turn to for motivation and help with questions/advice. At the beginning of the year, Fitness for Teachers had several Diet Bets that helped motivate me as well (earn money for losing weight?! Sure thing!). There will be another summer Diet Bet coming up in the next week too!

#2 Tracking

I started off my tracking everything that went into my mouth. I have had a lot of success with the Sparkpeople app. It has tons of food already in their system to pull information from. Plus you can 'build' your favorite meals into it. For example, I make my coffee the same way every day. So I created a group and just have to add it with 1 click each day. So much easier!

#3 Choices

Yes, I had to give up things or use moderation. I gave up Cokes completely. I increased my water a LOT.  (Like from 0 oz to 40 oz a day) I got rid of sugar for weeks. in my coffee, I use sugar free, fat free creamer and Truvia. Taking out the sugar REALLY helped see a difference in my weight.

#4 Moving

A fellow Biggest Loser competitor and I would walk every day at recess. We could do any where from 1 mile to 1.75 miles on the track around our playground during our daily recess. If I added in my rowing machine for about 15-20 minutes after dinner, I had burned a lot of calories each day.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Remembering on Memorial Day

Have you followed Proverbs 31 Ministries? I have for awhile and love their daily inspirational quotes. Today's quote is especially wonderful. As you celebrate with your families, remember those who have fought for our freedoms. God bless!

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Biography Pals

I had the sweetest grandmother this year and last year. She saved and donated water bottles last year that we turned into planters. This year she saved and donated 16 oatmeal containers. I racked my brain as to what to do with them. After searching a bit on Pinterest, I finally came up with the best idea for them!

My students picked one of our historical figures required in first grade to research. They used Pebble Go to research, find facts, and write a paragraph about what they learned. I used a set I found on TPT from What I Have Learned. It was amazing for writing a scaffolded research paper for my firsties!

After the researched and wrote, they were given their oatmeal container. I wrapped it in white paper and let them create their person on it. I think this adorable Benjamin Franklin was my favorite!!

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Oh 'deer'!!

Christmas and all that pertains to it has slowly been creeping up on me this past week or so. I have had a TON of extra stuff going on and have struggled to come up with a cute door for my classroom. Everyone on our hallway decorates their doors, especially for the holiday season. Our hall decided to do a reindeer theme this year so we all matched.

Carson Dellosa sent us some adorable new border and accents that I decided to use. You can grab them here and here (not affiliate links).

How cute right? My kids totally got the play on words too! The border from CD helped make the most festive (and adorable) stable door for my tiny reindeer.

On another note... our elf at home has been quite adventurous. What has your elf been up to lately?

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