Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Real Leprechaun Gold!

Lately I've seen the image floating around of the Wilton gold spray that is edible. Have you seen it? It looks a little like this:

It's an image that pops up on Facebook and on Pinterest... BUT I have yet to see anyone do it or hear feedback. So I am here to try it out for you! 

I bought one can and a container of Oreos. I plan on my Leprechaun bringing enough for my class to have 1 each as a treat. Our little green man leaves treats outside his door. You can see more about the door I use over at Simply Kinder.

To make my Oreos, I laid out a sheet of wax paper and laid my Oreos out in one layer. This way I could spray one side and then the other side.

After covering one side in the spray, I let them dry and flipped them over and sprayed the other side. I did notice that the spray dried faster on food than on the wax paper so I moved them to a new sheet of wax paper for the coat on the other side.

Super simple and sweet!
 Plus, how fun would this be to make pirate treasure! I'm thinking next year that I need to make pirate treasure for my addition unit when I use Harry Kindergarten's Add (or Subtract) Like A Pirate video.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Do you need another reason?

Do you need another reason to celebrate the TPT sale? Well.... how about a giveaway to go along with it? I'm giving away a TPT gift card for someone to use during the sale. How do you enter? Check it out:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday, February 6, 2017

It's coming....

It's here, it's here! My wishlist has been moved over to the shopping cart. Counting down to tomorrow!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What I Want to Wear Wednesday

We all love Pinterest for it's gathering of many amazing ideas, right? Well, I have an addiction with Pinterest.... I keep adding more boards! Seriously, I have over 100 boards. I have broken it down by holidays, seasons, things for home, things for school, etc. I can only imagine that they work a little like my brain does: scattered!

One of my favorite boards though is my Teacher's Clothes board. I started this a few months ago because I needed a place to put just work attire ideas. I am loving what I've been seeing out on Pinterest lately so I'm also excited to bring back:

Each week I will show you my favorites so you can find some new inspiration too! As teachers, our budgets are huge for clothes so finding new ways to wear things is the best. Plus I am by no means a fashion diva.. but I can spot a cute outfit idea on Pinterest for sure!

Here are my top 5 inspirations for this week! Click any to be taken to the original post on Pinterest to save the idea to your own Pinterest board!

This is my favorite this week because I love this top and the pointed toe flats.

Love this look and it's one that I have come close to replicating in my own wardrobe! If you click through to the actual post, it's a teacher blog that shows ONLY clothes. Love it!

I have an obsession with sweaters over button-ups. No lie. I am a prep at heart! But seriously, how is this not cute? Trade out the jeans for navy blue or khaki pants and it's totally work appropriate!

I have a secret... I want to wear more skirts! They are cute! But I'm working on losing a little bit of weight so that they look cute on me too ;) I love this match up and am totally looking for a good deal on a pair of leopard flats. I've seen them with SO many outfits this past month!

Look closely... these are.not.jeans. I repeat-not.jeans. In my world, at my school, these are called trousers. They look like denim but they are not. The definite of jeans means that they must have those cute little metal rivets. No rivets here ;) Plus those flats? I have rounded ones with my Tieks and I have a similar sweater. Comfy. Classy. Cozy. Teacher perfect!

Leave a link in the comments to share your favorite new outfit! I'd love to see and add it to next week's blog post!

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Working It Out Teacher Style

The past few months I have been working on getting my Specialist degree... which means lots of sitting and reading. Which is why back in the summer I had the idea to start a Fitness for Teachers group. And this was born:

Click the photo to go to Facebook and join the group. I know that this is the time of the year when everyone begins to think about how they are going to get fit after the holidays. But it's hard when you are a teacher. Just think about the schedule, the energy we put out during the day, the after school activities, parenting on top of it, or second jobs, or....The list goes on and on.

This is a group full of people who get it. Too good to be true? Just wait for it-- no advertising. That's right. All the sellers of many, many different types of weight loss stuff will not and can not advertise to you. We mean it. We remove them if they do.

I hope you come by and join! Plus, here on Wednesdays I'll be sharing some great ideas about 'Working It Out Teacher Style' with food, recipes, and working out.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Countdown

While I'm on vacation for a few more days, I've been looking at my plans for when I go back with my students on this Thursday. I'm excited about the different plans that I've been saving up on Pinterest.

I have several items in my store already that you can take a peek at. Others I have found around the internet. But I think the VERY best idea that I have seen is for a countdown to noon.

But wait for it....


I can not wait to do this with my kids on Thursday. What makes it even better is that now Netflix has added to it with these great countdowns for you to use! They were first meant to use to put your kids to bed earlier than midnight... but I'm definitely using them in my classroom!

Several of these are definite favorites for my class!

I'm also going to add in creating time capsules with my students, celebrating with juice and pop corn, graphing who stayed up, and making resolutions. It'll be a FULL 2 days at the end of the week. Here are some of the great ideas that I'm using:

(resolutions.writing paper. goal setting flip book)

(graphing activity)

(journal or writing paper)

I am definitely enjoying my break but I'm looking forward to seeing my babies on Thursday!!

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

5 Ways to Make Your Teacher Life Easier in December

We all know that the month of December can get crazy when it comes to teaching and scheduling. There are TONS of fun holiday events going on at school and we all love to plan more for in our classroom. So here's some ways that I like to make it easier on myself. I hope it helps you too!

The #1 best thing that I have done is made month buckets. Each month has it's own tub or bucket that I use to sort out all the papers and activities that I use. That way when I buy things, make things, or have larger pieces for activities in a particular month... I can put it right in the tub and have it all ready for the next year. I started planning out for December before Thanksgiving break. All I had to do was pull down my tub and go through it.

#2-  Save 1 copy of each activity that you found effective or useful to your students. Then the next year, you can take all of those copies, run them all at the same time, and have the entire month worth of copies done! I already have a stack of copies ready to file for the week and don't have to spend as long planning.

#3- Go ahead and plan! I have all of my dates and what not planned out and written down in my planner. This way I can let the parents know and have less last-minute emails too!

#4- Create a Pinterest board! I have the month of December's crafts already figured out with the help of my Pinterest board. I'm super excited about all that I have found! Click the picture to add to your ideas too!

#5- Since I know what my crafts are for the month, I went ahead and made a list of what all I will need. Being able to go shopping over Thanksgiving break makes it so much less hectic during December. Now, I will still have a last minute run to the store.. but it won't happen every week!

Just remember, December is a magical time of the year for our Kinderbabies. If it stresses you out, it won't be as fun and that's what this time of the year should be- fun!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Community Helpers and the Election

As teachers, many of us would like to tie in the election to teach current events to our students. However you feel politically, this election is different than most and makes it a tad bit harder to show debates and what not to our students. Especially in Kindergarten, we just keep it simple.

-We elect a President every 4 years.
-Their job is to help keep our country safe and pass laws.
-They are part of the United States community.... therefore a community helper.

This week we have focused on community helpers. I used this book to talk to the students about what the President actually does and be able to show them some great visuals of presidents and the White House!

Afterwards, I gave the students a writing prompt to see what they would do if they were President of the United States. At this point of Kindergarten (barely at the end of the 1st 9 weeks), I wanted to see a couple of things:
-what their writing would be like on their own
-if they understood about this particular community helper

They writing turned out great! Whether my students are in the writing phase or in the drawing-to-tell-a-story phase, they were great pieces!

(If I was President, I would make laws.)

I love this one /\ ! I would talk!

If I would be a president. I will give flags to people. So many flags.

I even had a hard time deciphering this one /\ but I love that little picture! Look at how they are shaking hands and walking towards each other. 

The best part about this activity is that it was self scaffold - they wrote on their level. Plus it wasn't complicated to put together or plan. We are using several of my other activities this week as well. Check it out:

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Craft-ivities!

We've been having a blast creating with our units these past few weeks. Because fall is my favorite season, I can kind of get wrapped in it and all the arts and crafts! We've made everything from leaves to pumpkins! Aren't these precious?

During our week about bats, we created these lovely creatures:

Because we had talked about nocturnal animals, we had to make some sweet owls too!

And what would fall be without pumpkins? This was a great activity after we had gone on our field trip to the pumpkin patch!

And what better way to showcase them..... than to create an entire scene in the hallway for all to enjoy!

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

5 for Friday

What have we been up to lately? Check out all the latest happenings!

Pumpkin investigations! What a ton of fun! We measured their circumference, found out if they could float or sink, talked about their height and size. What a ton of fun!

I had an exciting delivery from Carson Dellosa! I can't wait to show you all of these great goodies that they sent my way. Yes I get to try them out for free and tell you about them. Fun, right?!

I've been busy using my Silhouette Cameo and heat press to make some amazing things! I loved making these for my team so we could match on our pumpkin patch field trip!

It will be our anniversary on Tuesday so we went out this weekend (grad school, work, kids, etc.. whoosh there's a lot going on!) and we had a blast! My husband surprised me and made reservations at The Melting Pot.... oh my gosh it was amazing!!!!

Yep.. grad school... This is what it looks like while I'm in class. I do an online classroom via webcam so I stay logged in and can participate. I might just work on some other work... like conference notes... while I was listening this past week!

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