Saturday, July 14, 2012

How do you 'manage' in your room?

Over the past five years of teaching I have tried many different ideas for classroom management. I've seen a ton of different ideas as well. I thought, as we are all gearing up for back to school, I'd share some and let you know how it worked for me. Just rememeber, ALL classes and teachers are different!

- Pull-a-card system- I know a lot of teachers who use this system with a set of green, yellow, and red cards for each student. Some teachers that I know even use little smiley faces instead of cards. This system works great for many different types of classes and students. You just have to make sure (like with all systems) that the expectations and consequences are very clear to the students. Also, make sure that, while it's reachable for the kids, that it's in a spot where little hands can't flip themselves back very easily.

- Sliding scale- There have been so many of these that have popped up lately! Here's a picture of mine from last year:

It works so well for so many reasons!
*The students are able to go up AND down during the day.
*It's a positive behavior management tool, not just a negative.
*Easy to understand for parents and kids.

There are so many awesome versions of this chart. I've seen it done to fit themes as guitars, rainbows, etc. Love it!

2012-2013 Management System

This year I'm doing a mix of last year's plan and a couple of new tricks that I've seen around. Since I haven't been to my classroom yet this year to take pictures, I'll just have to describe it to you :) I'm using a full sheet of poster board (instead of the long chart) and listing the actual consequences instead of the different step downs. My third graders could remember "Think About It", "Teacher's Choice", and "Parent Contact". Kindergarteners... not so much. So now it's more "5 minutes recess", "15 minutes recess", "All recess", and "Parent Contact". Anyone who doesn't move off of "Good Day" will get a "Thank you ticket" towards treasure box trips.

This way my students get more rewards for their good behaviors. After they earn 5 "Thank Yous" they can visit the treasure box. They can still slid back and forth along the chart. It's all about where they are at the end of the day. I will be going into my classroom this week to take my growing pile of classroom things. I'll post pictures then.

What classroom management system do you use in your room?


I just found the best idea ever from Under the Alphabet Tree's Jessica! Take a look at this picture:

Do you see those adorable monkeys! Click on the picture to see how she uses them. I'm totally doing this this year!!

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  1. I always love reading about what others do.

    I guess I don't really have a "classroom management system". What I do is mainly Conscious Discipline and bucket filling. I love it because the children learn to be helpful and kind problem solvers. And by mid October there is almost no tattling! =)

    Heather's Heart