Thursday, April 25, 2013

Countdown to Summer: E is for Experiements

The same day was also day E in our Countdown to Summer. We take a letter a day and do something themed. So far we've had: autograph books, bubbles and book marks, cookies, doughnuts, and.... experiments!!

I swear, I am such a science nerd sometimes. I love it! I love the kids reactions to exploring and discovery! One of my favorite experiments to do is called the Dancing Raisins. This idea came from another teacher on my grade level. 

You will need:
Tall, see through container

1) Fill the container with the Sprite. Most of the kids could guess what was clear and bubbled :)
2) Show the kids the raisins and have them hypothesis what will happen: Sink or float?
** This was an awesome chance to see who remembered all that we had learned about sinking and floating!**

3) Drop the raisins in and watch!

Excuse the silly masks :) Just wanted to make sure my kiddos' faces are covered for the picture. They were really, really excited about being able to guess and share!

I was listening to their guesses. Several of them were pulling out bits of information about oxygen, air, dehydration. It was awesome!

Two words: blown away! They thought it was great when the raisins start to "dance". They kept calling out, "Ms. Gibbons! It's wiggling!!" Cuteness to the extreme! 

We sat and watched for awhile. They loved to see the raisins sink to the bottom, float to the top, and repeat over and over. Even though I've done this activity several times, I still love it and look forward to it for the countdown!

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