Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chapter 6: Growing Globally... Me on the Map Freebie!

Growing Globally.. definitely a hefty topic when you think about kindergartners who are developmentally the most egocentric of littles! I loved how Mariah suggested that you should provide them with a map that they can point out where they are, where they have been, or where they are going. I am definitely looking for a great map to have up permanently next year. We have one of the pull-down deals over our white board. I have been in my classroom two years and have never used it! Yikes, that's bad!

Anyways, we study Me on the Map as a unit for our Social Studies. The students have to learn about where they live, differences between city/county/state/country, and be able to discuss them. Veeeery difficult!

Since I looooove a good art project, I have used this great project over at Finally in First:

I also add a smaller circle for the kids to draw themselves:

Click the picture above to be linked to my resource page that I add to my stacks.

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