Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Work Station Wednesday

Hey there! Guess what? Today was it! My last day with students! Bring on the summer and all of it's relaxing glory!

Of course, I can't actually believe that I won't be doing something teacher-y this summer.... you guys know me well enough to know that that's true! One of my goals this summer is to read this awesome book:

It's an awesome book (or so I'm told) that many, many people out there have read. I mean, it's Debbie Diller. It's got to be good! I want to make sure that my work stations (literacy stations as I call them) are meaningful AND fun at the same time next year. I also want to reduce paper and grading as much as possible.

For this week, I just want to share with you some of my favorite work stations from this year:

Word work with magnets:

Computer with Pebble Go:

Big Books: (This one did not make it through the year though because students trashed the books.)

Listening Center: (L-O-V-E the wireless head phone system!!!

What is your favorite work station?

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