Sunday, June 30, 2013

Don't Wait! Differentiate! (Chapter 5: Talking, Drawing, Writing) and Linky too!

Chapter 5: Writing Words

Before I even finished the first page of the chapter, I had already honed in on one very important goal for next year: Don't wait, differentiate! The authors encourage us to begin writing and 'sharing the pen' on the very first day of school. Now, I'm not a control-aholic... at least I don't think that I am. But on occasion I know that I'd rather not give up my pen for an activity or two. I really need to get better about that I guess *looking sheepish*. I love to let the kiddos help me spell and write... but I usually wait until a few weeks in when we've covered a lot of the letters and many of the sounds. The first day? I see that beyond my comfort zone but differentiation is always good. So beyond my borders I shall go!

Usually about the 3rd or 4th week of school is when we get to labeling our drawings. I love the lesson (pg 99) about Listening for Sounds in Words. How awesome is the question "If there were words on this page, what do you think they'd say?" Such an awesome way to get your students thinking! I usually have my students practice their words by "chewing the word up" and "pulling it out sound by sound". They love it and it works so, so well!

I'm also in love with the lesson on 109 about going back and touching the words/letters you have written. This would have been so powerful for my class this year. I thought I had done a good job with explaining it this year. Upon reflection after this lesson, I can do a better job next year.

Great ideas and activities for the fall:

-Thank you letter to the Principal. Our principal or assistant principal always comes at the beginning of the year to read us a story. I'm thinking writing a thank you note is perfect to make it real so they own it, have them practice, involve all of the children, and make a great impression! It doesn't hurt to reinforce politeness either!

-These are words we know chart. Love, love this idea from the book! I would love to have an environmental print poster like this! The kids know them, know how to say it, wouldn't it be the perfect hop in helping them find the the beginning sounds when they need help.

-Share chair. I need one. End of story. (Actually it's not, I'm thinking about just making a chair cover to slip on the back to snazz up a regular chair.

Check out this super duper awesome one from one of my favorites' Debbie Clement's page:

-It's okay to teach a lesson all about Doing Good Work During Writing Time!!!!! (and it doesn't have to be a lecture!... who knew?)

Don't forget to link up below to share your Chapter 5 thoughts. I can't wait to see!

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  1. I was inspired by the share chair, too. I painted an old child-sized chair that I had with a funky design. I can't wait for my little writers to the take turns sharing!