Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Work Station Wednesday:Planning for Practice at Literacy Work Stations

The last chapter of Debbie Diller's fabulous book:

is a fabulous read for all those who are planning on doing literacy centers. One of the first quotes that jumped out at me was the main reason I began reading this to begin with:
"How do I plan literacy work stations that meet the needs of all the students in my class?"

Answer: Running records, writing samples, and anecdotal notes. 

Reading this made me SO glad that I created this over the summer!

It has ALL of those in it! Plus, towards the end of this chapter it discusses using a check list to monitor students and their abilities. Basically, Debbie Diller suggests working with two small groups a day and then using your left over block of time to observe students. I created these charts for assessing this year:

Click on them to grab your own copies!

I also loved seeing this up front and honest truth.. because, honestly, I needed to hear it!

"Many teachers have tried to make everything students do at literacy work stations result in some kind of tangible, gradable product. As a result, teachers often make more work for themselves than necessary."

Lord, she is preachin' to the choir with that one! I need to remember to just let my kids practice without any type of finished product. It's okay to just let them experience, explore, and practice!

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