Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How do you Compare...books that is?

In Kindergarten, there are some BIG concepts that we have to cover. One is to compare books. Last year we literally tried to do ENTIRE books.. the kids got the concept.. but not as well as they did this year when we just looked at parts of books to begin with...I used these two fabulous books for Thanksgiving this year!

After reading and re-reading these books with different aspects (food, activities, clothing, etc.), we looked at them with the BIG picture in mind.. what information can you get from both of them so that we can learn as much as we can?

I used my graphic organizers to help the students keep their thoughts in order from the first book to the second. Using the different colors helped them to see what came from the first, the second, and both books. Venn diagrams (at this point) are a tad confusing to them. How funny is that?

If you want to grab these organizers for yourself, you can grab them below:

FALLing for Graphic Organizers

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