Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Word work and clean up.. how do they go together?

This is one of my favorite lessons to do together! I know many teachers do something similar. But I just had to show the awesome book that I found to use with it!

Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use: For Beginning Readers of All Ages

This is the best, best, BEST book ever! Each lesson is spelled out word for word. It's very similar to word ladders. The students are given 5-6 letters for each lesson. They use those same letters to mix them up and make the words given.

So, I know you are asking, where does cleaning come into it? Well... I have my students write on the tables instead of white boards. So easy! I simply walk around and check while they are writing and creating words... then, when they are done. They clean their table spot! Suddenly, are tables are clean and germs are gone!

Check out my adorable spellers!

(This little guy was struggling with the left to right.. he was writing right to left instead. So I gave him a dot and a line. He had to start at the dot when he wrote. It seemed to help him... I'll tackle the backwards s next lesson!)

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