Friday, February 14, 2014

5 for Friday: Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day to you! I was so excited that I got my kid's treats all together.. but we literally have been out all week (except Monday) so it'll be next Monday before we have our treats to celebrate :)

I'm really, really excited that I figured out how to fix my folders so that there are pictures on ALL my folders. If you want to learn how (for Mac or PC), click the picture to check out my post!

We had a BLAST on our snow days! Yesterday we really got out and played for over an hour.. which is a really long time for little ones. By the time we came in, had lunch, and went back out for about 30 more minutes, my daughter was so tired she cried about everything- the dog barking, her hat falling off, etc. But here was there most FAVORITE activity:

My husband was pulling them around on the sled right behind the Gator. They had a BALL!!

Along with my insane snow days, I have been doing an INSANE amount of pinning... Kind of like a couple of hours of pinning great ideas, recipes, and house decorating tips. I'd forgotten how addictive it can be! If you want to see what I've discovered (Really great stuff!) click below:

I've spent time creating several new activities too. I hope you like them:

Puppets and Pieces: Fairy Tale Retelling:

You can grab them through Saturday at 20% off as my Valentine's gift to you!

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  1. I was excited about your post on how to fix your folders too!! I am so on top of that when I get a free moment. You would not believe the amount of folders on my Mac. I tagged the post so I could refer back to it. Thanks for sharing.