Friday, February 7, 2014

5 for Friday

Wow. What a week!

I'm linking up for 5 for Friday with Doodlebugs!

Black History Month is upon us and my students are loving learning about a different person each day!

Groundhogs were seen all over our room in math tubs this week. What a fun, fun time!

We acted more and more like First graders by working on addition and subtraction word problems. Plus we started mentor sentence!

 Our school does a theme each year. This year it goes along with the Wizard of Oz. Part of the community spirit is that staff members pass around a trophy week to week to nominate people that they feel go above and beyond. This week I was honored to find this in my mailbox! Plus, in our weekly newsletter, we get a little blurb about why we were picked. Here's what it said:

She is innovative and creative in her thinking and
teaching. She is supportive and helpful to her
students and to her grade level team. She has
great ideas that she implements in her classroom
and shares with her team.

I am so, so honored and touched by these really sweet words! If you are looking to cheer someone up and make them feel a little bit of love, this is an excellent idea!

I was totally McGyver today too! Yep, that is a paperclip to hold my sweater closed. I always think sweaters look better hanging straight down in front... like I was a mannequin lol. This was my fix today!

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  1. I love the idea of the "Ruby Slipper Award". I think it is a nice way to recognize the staff - congratulations.