Sunday, February 2, 2014

Colorful Center Creation Idea

Thank you Tiffany for a great introduction and linking to me! This is the next stop of the 'Bright Ideas' Blog Hop!

I've been eyeing all of those really awesome ideas using the super cute paint cards that are (yep) FREE! Well, I thought up might want this great idea too! 

I grabbed the ones with windows:

Added some adorable pictures to focus on my skill (Magic e words!):

Cut and glue:

Laminate and voila!

Imagine all the skills you could cover!

Now, all you need is a recording sheet! This is a wonderful way to give your kids just enough to space to write the letters but have them focus on the skill too. Plus, if it's colorful it's way more fun!

Want more great ideas? Check out Natalie over at Teachery Tidbits!

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