Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sassy Saturday!

What a crazy week! How is it that a full week can feel like 3 weeks squished into one?! This was only the 2nd full week that we have had since BEFORE Winter vacation. How crazy right? Here are some snaps from this past week :)

Awesome centers: (I shared these earlier this week :) )

Plus a broken computer :P


yeah, it got NICE and warm this week!

More number bonds.. this time with Deanna Jump!!

Parent Lunch with my sweet little guy! He thought it was hilarious to see me fit my bottom on that small round seat. HA!

Coffee... thank you God for Coffee!!

Adorable Washingtons... how precious right?!

My new car is broken! I have to call and get that fixed.. errr!!!

I did some shopping, shopping today! I WANT THIS!!!

I ended up with sunglass instead... and seriously wacked out hair apparently!

How was your week/Saturday?!


  1. I love the domino addition recording sheet. I need it! Can you please tell me where I can purchase it? Thanks! Lisa

    1. Lisa, I love it too! I actually just googled it and found a freebie from a TPT seller. Here's the link: