Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What I Want to Wear Wednesday

Pinterest.. I swear. It really needs to be un-invented at some point. I swear I have spent more hours looking at classroom ideas and (of course) new clothes! Here are my favorites for this week:

#1: I am in LOVE with these pants! I need these... like now.

I've always avoided white pants on account of my unfortunate luck, but these just make wearing jeans look prim and proper.

#2- I am in love with this coat. The color, the cut... oh my goodness!

#3- I've mainly been 'looking' for new dresses for back to school/meet the parents etc. This one definitely caught my eye!

Mint Chevron Dress

Now, we know how we all are on a budget.. like a normally might spend $30 on myself during an entire school year. Anyways, I found this yesterday morning and it's perfect for teachers! Take a staple and make it work over and over and over again!

black pencil skirt

Remember, leave a link so I can follow your style ideas on Pinterest too!!!

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