Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Science Foldables: Because I'm not Bill Nye

3 years ago, I participated in a Foldable Mania Week and it was the BEST! Since Interactive Notebooks are so in the 'now' I want to revive these posts to show as options. Here's the schedule for this week:

Tuesday- Language Arts
Thursday- Social Studies
Friday- Free for all!

I'm not sure if anyone could explain Science like Bill Nye. I love every second of his videos... even the songs. lol! All kids that I have taught (regardless of age) love to watch his videos over and over. Now, I will clarify that we do not watch them over and over but if the kids have seen it before in another grade level they definitely don't mind seeing it again!

However, since I am NOT Bill Nye, I have used foldables to make it easy for my kids to have the important information in their hands to ensure their learning. Below is a step by step tutorial for one of my favorite foldables!

Start with a full sheet of paper and fold one corner over until it is flush with the side.

Once it the top is flush with the side, make a crease so that your paper looks like the one below.

Cut off the extra piece at the bottom of the paper. These can make great book marks for your students to decorate later!

When you unfold the paper it should look like the one below. A perfect square!
 Next, fold each corner into the middle crease like in the picture below:
 Once you have all four corners folded in, it should look like the picture below. Now you are technically done and open up to a world of possibilities!

I've included pictures below of one sample idea. I think putting the essential question on the back is great for the kids to know. Then on the inside you can put the definition or answer.

I included each type of pollution on the flaps...
 ...and different types of pollutants for each pollution. I also added the definition/answer for my essential question.

I just love foldables! Don't you??
I'd love to see some more amazing ideas. If you have a foldable, please go over to Thinking of Teaching and link it up! There are so many fabulous ideas there already!!

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