Sunday, February 8, 2015

Diverse/Multi Leveled Guided Reading Groups: The Planning

How can you meet the needs of a diverse guided reading group? While I am teaching 5th this year, there is a need for someone who can pull a guided reading group of Kindergarteners who are a mix of As and Bs.

They are apparently struggling to make any progress at all. So, I thought it would be fun to show you how I am going to 'tackle' this challenge. I am going to have 5 students: 3 As and 2 Bs (that have declined from Cs). I'm going to organize this mini-challenge like a diary with reflections, ideas, and links. Hopefully this will help some one else to see how this 'might' work! (Exclaimer: I am not proclaiming I am the expert on guided reading but I sure hope I can teach these pumpkins to read!!)

Here is my plan for day 1:

Before reading: Sight Words, Sight Words, Sight Words!! I even made this great new set just for my new kiddos!

During reading:
I am going to make sure to engage their attention the WHOLE time we are reading... how can I possibly do that you ask? With these:

Glow Witch Fingers

The students LOVE them!! It's so much fun for the kiddos to wear them and point out their words.

After reading:
Responding. Our first book is going to be about things that a little boy likes to eat. So my first response will be on index cards. I already have them written up with the sentence prompt 'I like _____." Easy Peasy but it makes them transfer their learning and retain the comprehension.

This helps the lower level... now I just need to plan for the upper level... I'll be splitting the group in two and giving a word work game to each. I have these two already made up:

I am using beginning sounds for the lower group and the middle sounds for the upper group. So glad I have letter magnets all ready to go with it!

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