Monday, July 27, 2015

Kinder Camp: Day 1

Who does Kinder Camp?! Raise your hand HIGH! I really do love teaching Kinder Camp since it completely encompasses all the F-U-N that we have in Kindergarten. I love it! I'm excited to share with you what we are up to each day of Kinder Camp this year:

Day 1- Pete the Cat Day

I am in love with this whole day and especially the activity that I had them do today. Being in 5th grade this past year made me miss making headbands and hats. So my first activity back in Kinder-land absolutely had to be a hat!

After looking on Pinterest, I found this link to a project on KidsSoup:

Isn't he adorable?

We also checked out the official Pete the Cat web site. It was the perfect time filler for those few minutes that our Petes needed to dry. There is even a quick 5 minute video of Pete that the kids can watch!

I can't wait to show you tomorrow's activity. It's one of my favorite books to share with students at the beginning of the year!

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