Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rudolph? Is that you?

It has been such a fun week so far!! I am really looking forward to the break but man am I loving the fun activities this week. My students have learned SO much so far!

Monday and Tuesday I spent at the Conference for Georgia Kindergarten teachers. There were a ton of fabulous presenters there including Deedee Wills, Deanna Jump, Mary Amoson, and Jayne Gammons.

Then I came back to school and... WOW. 2 days of subs.. in December.. in Kindergarten. Let's just say our elf Elsa delivered a message to us on Thursday:

The lesson was learned and the whole class was so much better today! We had a great time reviewing what they learned about with the sub. I had left parts of this great Reindeer pack by Amanda Richardson:

I found this great book to go with it to help with facts as well:

They created the interactive book with the sub and we used it as a jumping point for today's writing:

The facts sorting made their writing SO much easier! Many of my students are great writer's and used it just as a reminder of what they had learned about. I put up several special words for them to help out their writing.

Their pieces turned out fantastically!

Add in an adorable reindeer creativity....

It makes for a great wall outside of our door!!

Tomorrow will be all about creating more adorable activities to practice motor skills *wink* *wink* *nudge*nudge*

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