Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Little of This and That: Summer, Fitness for Teachers, etc.

We all know how the end of the school year gets so I had to have a break. But now that summer is here and in full swing, I'm stepping back up to the blogger plate.

One of the most exciting things going on at the moment is actually on Facebook. I've been loving being on the Facebook group for Simply Kinder with Jennifer Kadar. There is SO much information on there from other kindergarten teachers to help you work smarter, not harder and get your kids engaged.

With summer now here, one of my goals is to lose the school year weight from the past 2 years. So I asked on Simply Kinder if there was a fitness group just for teachers. Turns out there wasn't... but there is now!

We just started up a great Facebook group that you can join to get motivation, tips, and help with losing weight and getting fit! Now, none of us are professional trainers BUT we are all teachers who really, really GET how hard our schedules are and how crazy things can get. It helps to be in a group of people who get it!

We started off last week with a simple challenge to drink more water. Part of my downfall this year was drinking coffee in the morning and then switching to Coke in the afternoon. There was no water anywhere. Well, that has certainly changed this summer! I have drank more water this past week than in the past year- no joke.

We are also working on motivating one another with recipes and ideas. There are exercise programs that people are trying out too. Plus if you fitbit, there is a running list of new people to follow and friend!

I just got my fit bit in the mail yesterday! Love it:

Come join us at Fitness for Teachers!

With that being the B-I-G new for summer, I am also enjoying hanging out and relaxing with my kids. They have tons of camps so I get to be just a mom and wife. I love this time of year for just that. I've already started the cleaning out process (LOUD GROAN). I'm up to 13 trash bags of stuff gone out of their rooms so far.

What are your goals for the summer? For once mine are a lot more family and me centered.

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