Saturday, June 25, 2016


I L.O.V.E. when it's an awesome mail day! Today was one of those days!

I had 2 amazing students give me Amazon gift cards at the end of year and since I stink at buying for myself I used the to buy things for this upcoming year. Check it out:

Paw prints for names in the hallway

Paw prints for names where they hang their backpacks

Velcro to put their name plates on their desks- 
I have found that if I laminate the name plates and then put them on the table with velcro, they last ALL year! I tried it last year and it actually worked!

Play dough is a must so I ordered 2! For some reason green is the cheapest on Amazon but that's fine with me because it's my favorite!

These will be perfect for my back to school treats I give the children at open house. I always put pencils and what not in them. The one consistent item I ALWAYS put in is an 8 pack of crayons. SO many children don't have crayons these days!

Name plates for their tables. We are the Cougars... hence all the paw prints! Plus we also do a phonics program that wants the children to point to letters and such. I'm hoping these will help save time so we don't have to pass out the alphabet strips every time we need them.

This is my favorite purchase! I have a post dedicated to this coming tomorrow. I'll make sure to link to it once it's up. I have been wanting these for a while and finally bit the bullet and did it!

What are your must have purchases?

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