Tuesday, May 29, 2018

4 Easy Tips on How to Lose Weight as a Teacher...

As many schools do, our school hosted a Biggest Loser Competition this year. I was one of about 20 teachers that joined in and worked hard to lose weight.

While I wasn't THE overall winner, I still say that I was a winner in the end because I lost weight. Between December 29 and April 1st, I went from 180 some odd lbs to  157 lbs. I was SO excited! But... many people have asked me 'How?'

As teachers, that equates to a TON of questions really... How do you lose weight with all the constant snacks? How do you lose weight and make it without sodas? What did you do? What did you eat?

I thought, now with summer being here and having time to sit and write, I'd share my answer to 'How'.

#1- Motivation!

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I have an entire Pinterest board full of motivating sayings, funny memes, and different exercise routines that help me keep going. I also have my Fitness for Teachers page on Facebook to turn to for motivation and help with questions/advice. At the beginning of the year, Fitness for Teachers had several Diet Bets that helped motivate me as well (earn money for losing weight?! Sure thing!). There will be another summer Diet Bet coming up in the next week too!

#2 Tracking

I started off my tracking everything that went into my mouth. I have had a lot of success with the Sparkpeople app. It has tons of food already in their system to pull information from. Plus you can 'build' your favorite meals into it. For example, I make my coffee the same way every day. So I created a group and just have to add it with 1 click each day. So much easier!

#3 Choices

Yes, I had to give up things or use moderation. I gave up Cokes completely. I increased my water a LOT.  (Like from 0 oz to 40 oz a day) I got rid of sugar for weeks. in my coffee, I use sugar free, fat free creamer and Truvia. Taking out the sugar REALLY helped see a difference in my weight.

#4 Moving

A fellow Biggest Loser competitor and I would walk every day at recess. We could do any where from 1 mile to 1.75 miles on the track around our playground during our daily recess. If I added in my rowing machine for about 15-20 minutes after dinner, I had burned a lot of calories each day.

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