Monday, May 27, 2019

Summer Brain Dump

Life. is. crazy.

I think we can pretty much all agree on that. While I'm super excited that it's finally summer, it has hit me in the past 24 hours how nonstop life has been since last summer. Which is why, to update y'all I'm kind of doing a brain dump of events to catch everyone up :)

Summer 2018
- I started my EDD in Curriculum and Instruction!!
   ..... seriously though that was a LOT for a summer....

School Year 2019
- Moved out of having a homeroom classroom into being an EIP teacher
- Continued with EDD
- Continued as a site director for my school's federal grant-funded after-school program
- Worked with a local RESA to evaluate local schools on their Curriculum and Instruction
- Brought home 2 new kitties... and then 1 more lol
- Went on an awesome girl's trip to Nashville!!!

Summer 2019
- Starting my Educational Leadership Program
- Continuing EDD
- Coping with my son being done with elementary school and going to MIDDLE school!!!

300 Motivational and Inspirational Quotes 116

While I love taking the summer to reflect and evaluate a school year, I love being able to plan moving forward as well. I'm excited to have come so far in my current plan for my career. At the same time, I'm excited to be within a year of starting my dissertation and having my leadership degree.

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My family is happy and healthy-- and this always comes first above all else.

My walk in my faith is growing as well. (If you haven't seen the Teachers in the Word bible study for this summer yet--- come join in!!)

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